The problem with PayPal

Mention the name Paypal to anyone, and they would probably state that it’s their preferred method of payment for any type of online transaction. Since its inception back in 1999, Paypal has forged itself an enviable reputation as a global payment gateway system that is heavily relied on by both businesses and consumers.

Even though Paypal, for most online purchases works perfectly, they are unfortunately governed by US laws which classifies hemp-derived products as narcotics. Now, as you may know, Take a Leaf CBD products are all THC free, and derived from organic industrial hemp- technically and legally they are classed as food supplements which are completely legal to buy and sell in the UK. They are also legal to buy via Paypal in England but as Paypal is ruled by US restrictions, they are still classified as narcotics in the UK even though nothing could be further from the truth.

Unfortunately, PayPal is waging war on honest, hard-working CBD businesses, freezing the funds and accounts of those found to be selling any products containing Cannabidiol-with the exception of large brand names such as Holland & Barrett, which is hypocritical to say the least. There is also no way to appeal this decision-unless, of course, you happen to be a big multinational with an extremely large wallet!!

The Payment Solution:

Like many other CBD companies in the UK, Take a Leaf is no longer able to offer Paypal payments through the site. Paypal closed our accounts, and held our funds, disrupting Take a Leaf’s exceptional service standards. Even faced with this adversity, we are proud to say that by changing our payment gateway to VivaWallet, Take a Leaf is able to fulfil 100% of the orders whilst maintaining the high levels of customer service that is expected- but it has certainly been a huge inconvenience to both ourselves and our valued customers.

Luckily, innovative financial businesses have responded to the payment gateway issue with the creation of merchant accounts and payment gateways specifically for CBD businesses. Whilst these payment gateways cost Take a Leaf CBD more as a company to set-up and maintain, your safety and online security are of the utmost importance and so we are taking the hit on the chin to make sure that our valued customers have an easy, safe and accessible payment gateway every time they purchase.

We established a partnership with Viva Wallet which is a highly reliable payment gateway that offers the ability to accept payments from customers anywhere in the world – quickly and securely and with a multitude of payment options. Just like PayPal, the platform is fully secure and encrypted, ensuring you can be safe in the knowledge that your details and purchases made via Take a Leaf are protected.

As always thank-you for your continued support.


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