E-Liquid Information

General information

E-liquid is the liquid used in e-smoking. In addition to various tobacco flavors, there are also many different flavors. Think of fruit, candy and fresh flavors such as menthol. Choosing an e-liquid is often the hardest for the beginner.

The use of e-liquid

E-liquids are water-soluble, so the spills on clothing are no problem. Because e-liquids are intended to vaporize in small amounts, it is not the intention to take this liquid orally. It is also the intention to keep e-liquid away from children and pets. From the manufacturer the bottles are delivered with child-resistant closure.

The types of packaging

E-liquid can be packaged in plastic bottles with dosing spouts, but glass bottles are also possible. With glass the taste is better preserved. (Glass bottles are currently forbidden.) In glass bottles is usually a pipette to dose the e-liquid. Often a pipette is a godsend when using thicker liquids, such as those with a high VG content.

Remember, when using a cartridge system, the filters are already filled with e-liquid by the factory.

Common complaints

Residue in the clearomizer
As e-liquid evaporates, this may not happen completely. A residue becomes visible in the tank, liquid that becomes increasingly darker in color. The taste, aroma and colorants become increasingly concentrated. It is also possible that the nicotine accumulates. It is advisable to completely empty the tank and clean it regularly. This applies both for hygiene and also for the life of the coil.

A dry mouth and dry throat

E-liquids provide a dry throat. It is advisable to take a little more fluid when you start e-smoking. It is also possible that the user gets a sore throat after stopping smoking. The dry vapor of the e-cigarette will only accentuate this problem, but is rarely the cause. The cause often lies in stopping smoking and is temporary. Advice is to drink more water and sometimes it makes a difference to temporarily change e-liquid. This can be done by reducing the nicotine level, or another PG


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